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Comprehensive Examinations

Doctor examining fuzzy cat


All pets should be examined at least annually by your veterinarian. Pets age about seven times as fast as we do, therefore older pets should be examined even more often. Examinations are critical to help veterinarians detect and treat signs of disease in a timely manner.

During the physical examination, the veterinarian will check your pet's eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, skin and haircoat. Your pet's weight and temperature will also be measured, and the veterinarian will also listen to your pet's heart and lungs. It's helpful to establish a baseline for each patient so, if health or behavioral changes do take place, the causes can be diagnosed and treated quickly.

Depending upon the age of your pet, blood tests or other diagnostics may be recommended as part of regular wellness care and disease prevention. Examinations also give you an opportunity to ask questions about your pet's health.